Watch “Battle Ready Prayer” on YouTube

If you are a believer and want to change your destiny and you need help to go in a new direction and things are not working out for. If you need that extra extraordinary help pleas take the time and listen to these words that will motivate, change your life and give you impowerment to have a better life.

We all at times need someone or something that is always on your side, showing you that life can have trials and tribulations, ‘ but also you have someone who is mightier then your situation’.

Faith is unseen ( Yet you can see it in your life every second of the day) .

Pleas watch this video and look for more Videos of inspiration under my name Patricia Glover.

Bing: Nobel Peace Prize winners Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege work to end sexual violence against women – Los Angeles Times

Nobel Peace Prize winners Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege work to end sexual violence against women – Los Angeles Times

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Their are so many tragedies in the world some that brings us closer and others that bring out the ugly side of us. At the end of the day or night we need to look inside of ourselves , where do we fit in what side are we on, is there a side. Do we have a monster hidden inside.

Will we be counted or we just sit there in look, make a comment or are we a part of the problem. Just doing the motions of our lives or someone’s life.

Do we go to all the latest fund raisers, do our usual showing up each year.

Put your heart and soul in it because it is a part of your spirit maybe you are living the tragedy of what you are fighting for.

Are you in the front taking pictures having luncheons or dinners or you in the back living it , fighting it with all you body , your soul, experiencing it everyday waking up hoping the nightmare is over that justice will prevail. You are not lipsycing the words. But fighting either you killing it or it killing you. Humanitarian is the one in the back.